Maya and the Moon is our place to share, with you all, our adventures as a breastfeeding, attachment/gentle parenting and soon to be homeschooling family.

I hope it can be a source of information, confidence building and inspiration for other like-minded parents.

Parenting is a crazy, stressful, tiring, exciting, terrifying but, above all, magical time, which brings with it new lessons in life and love and simply can not be done without support from the people around you. This is where my blog comes in. I think it’s fair to say that parents like me are a minority group, in the western world and sometimes it can feel like you are, in fact, the only person on the face of the earth who does parenting the way you do. Meeting criticism, on a daily basis, having to back up your actions with evidence and explain your reasoning to the people around you, can be ridiculously exhausting, so I think it’s good to find others who share your feelings and ideas and have that confirmation that you are not alone!!

So, I hope you enjoy our space.

We will update you as we go and please give me feedback and let me know how I can shape this thing to perfection.

Lots of love




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